Rev. Bonnie Nelson (Firestorm Ministries International) From ALL of us here, there and everywhere, Firestorm Ministries International sends the Ministry Streams a GREAT BIG THANK YOU! Firestorm is an online prophetic ministry and our church has no walls. We train, equip, raise up and send out the saints to go and gird up their local churches, so many of our friends at Firestorm are not able to travel and come to our conferences on ground. This year we were looking to find a way to let them "see" and join in. We have tried other types of video feeds, but wanted something better than status quo.

One of our ladies in Texas sent me a note regarding a video stream called Ministry Streams. We had 3 weeks till conference. When I came to check out what Ministry Streams had to offer, my spirit leaped. I just knew that I knew, this was for us, however there were a few problems. I didn't have a camera or a laptop that was accessible for the stream, the church location did not have an Internet and we didn't have a lot of money. Before I knew it the techs were praying for me and all of Firestorm. Next, they were showing me all the things I needed and giving me wise counsel. Then, God took over.

God brought forth a camera and a laptop from friends in our ministry and a neighbor who lived next door to the church brought a booster router from his house to give us Internet access. Next, God put it on hearts in our ministry to donate. We received the needed monies to help set up our account and get us up and running the day before the conference was to start. What I am saying to you is that God blessed Firestorm and our partnering with Ministry Streams.

The team at Ministry streams are user friendly. They worked tirelessly with setting up our account, our Website, helping people get our video stream, spent time with our tech people checking and setting our video feed and much more. They became a part of us and was quick to pray for me and our ministry to rise up to this new level in sharing about Jesus.

The friendships we build at Ministry Streams plus the technical abilities and willingness to help us were a great blessing. And oh yes, by the way, the video stream of our 3 day conference was seen all over the world and the quality was rated by all who watched as second to none -- EXCELLENT! Our friends from all over were so excited to finally "see" us and joined in with their comments through the chat room feature below the video feed. We had the best of two worlds. They could see and they could share.

There is no doubt in my mind or spirit that Ministry Streams is a network that God has His Hand upon. Working together with the Ministry Streams team brings far more to the table than just a video stream for your ministry. It is a coming together of ministries to build a real God Network of those God is raising up for such a time as this. Ministries who are hearing the voice of God and care about Him and His People. It is no longer about us, but what God can do through us. We are joining up with Ministry Streams to enable God access to do what He wants to do through us on a higher level. Thank you to all our friends at Ministry Streams for plowing the fields. Let's Plant! (08-14-2011)

Follow-Up Testimony (September 14, 2011) Just a short update to let you know how much all of us here on Firestorm Ministry are enjoying your Ministry Streams platforms. WOW! What a difference this is making in the way people look at our ministry and receive the Word of God. The fellowship is so much more personal and above all, the Presence of the Lord in the rooms is INCREDIBLE. We do not have the connection problems anymore and the peace that brings is awesome. Blessings and thanks to you and all your staff. ~ Bonnie Nelson, Firestorm Ministry (September 14, 2011)

Rev. Emmett & Susan Butts (Unite & Ignite for Revival Int.) Dear MinistryStreams.com, We here at Unite & Ignite for Revival International would like to extend a HUGE Thank You! for being an outstanding company to work with. After being in the professional entertainment and media business for over twenty-five years, I have come across very few, even in the business world, not only had a great team, but their integrity matched as well. We are truly grateful and blessed to be working with a company that we know we can rely on such as MinistryStreams.com.

Your technical support, on our first broadcast, went above and beyond to make sure it went off without a hitch and continues to provide impeccable service, knowledge and understanding of the needs, not only for us, the client, but for our viewers as well. The staff at MinistryStreams.com are patient and take the time to explain the details of the project at hand to give the client an understanding and knowledge and to educate about the ins-and-outs to help make the clients project become a success.

Not only is your service state-of-the-art, but the quality of the features and options to fit the exact need to get the job done right without unnecessary applications. I would recommend MinistryStreams.com to anyone who is either considering or has a small project to a large media production. We look forward to continuing working with you with our current and future endeavors. Blessings to MinistryStreams.com! ~ Sincerely, Rev. Emmett & Susan Butts (Unite & Ignite for Revival Int.) (06/03/11)

Paul Parnell - Media Department, Kingdom Reality Ministries I was very happy with what the Ministry Streams system could handle how it could take a very small size stream and still give you the quality you would hope for. I was also impressed by the way their team accommodated the needs of my company. Plus they always have some more great features on the horizon. (02-10-11)

Pastor Mark DeJesus (Turning hearts Ministries) You will want to partner with Ministry Streams as soon as possible, because they are bringing online video presentation with quality and excellence at a cutting edge level. What drew me to them in the first place was watching one of their events online - no glitches and no pixilation! I was able to make the picture full screen and I was still seeing great quality. I had to connect with them! I have exposed myself to many online broadcasts - some of them the best of the best - and I feel that Ministry Streams exceeds so many of them in superb quality. Our ministry has used and will continue to use Ministry Streams. They are a quality team, they work with integrity and the job gets done with impressive clarity. Their online tools will help leverage your ministry's message into new avenues. I was even able to see one of our broadcast feeds on my Android Phone! It was amazing! (11/7/10)

Ps Mark further states (after continued use): "A fantastic ministry tool - quality resource to give your ministry and message a conduit of excellence. (01/23/11)

Carlos Melendez (JAKZ Multi - Media Services) Ministry Streams, Thank you for delivering a superior viewing experience. We just recently viewed a teaching by Mark DeJesus and the video and audio was clear and there was NO buffering. I felt like I was watching TV and not a webcast. Ministry Streams delivered a smooth video with no interruptions. Great Job, (10-31-10)
Pastor Bob Hawley (Qualifying Times Ministries) Ministry streams has given us the tools and abilities we needed to meet the goals of Qualifying Times Ministries, Inc. We are able to reach viewers all over the world right from our location. Stay in touch with folks from all over the world. The need to travel has been minimized. The cost that were associated with air, hotel, auto rentals, and out of pocket meals has been greatly reduced and that money may now become available for ministering to other distant needs of the body.

I absolutely love the new add-on features of their web-streaming platform. Before these new features were added, we could only stream the services and the live text chat. Now we can stream the service and the Bible verses together plus the worship, missionaries pictures, maps, and more to all of our web-stream friends. The responses we have received after using this new feature has been a blessing to the QTM broadcasting team. There is no other web-streaming company who has enhanced our ministry as that of Ministry Streams. I highly recommend Ministry Stream to your ministry.

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