Ministry Counseling Platforms

Pastors And Professional counselors

With a virtual office Ministry Streams offers both the pastor and professional counselor the answer to overcome the rising cost of office space and associated utilities. These rising cost prohibit fresh talent as well the seasoned professionals from continuing to minister. Due to the rising crises in the family due to economic pressures, the body of Christ needs these gifted professionals more than ever. Ministry Streams identified the following challenges:

  • Limited available office space
  • rising office expenses
  • client security and privacy concerns
  • Our developers took these challenges seriously and decided to would work on a solution allowing new talent entering the ministry of counseling easier than before as well allowing those seasoned professionals the ability to retire yet keep the door open to minister as their schedules allowed.

    Challenges are opportunities

    Due to limited and the high cost of office space, virtual offices are the up and coming trend. Now with virtual offices, pastors are able to pastor a larger group of those in need of counseling without the high rental cost for the office space required to conduct the counseling sessions. Once office space is secured now additional cost come into play - heat and electricity.

    Ministry Streams offers pastors and faith based professional counselors virtual office space as a solution. The virtual office space is only a fraction of the cost of conventional office space. This allows for more upcoming gifted men and woman the ability to minister without the overwhelming cost associated with ministering.

    In the past, pastoral counseling required another person in the office or near the office door to ensure safety of both pastor and client. These safety measures raised other concerns, privacy of the counselee. Now with a virtual office, privacy is held to the highest standards.

    Do you need a "Virtual Office"

    Call us today and a Ministry Streams tech will help you overcome the cost of securing conventional office space. We will build the "Virtual Office" to meet the needs of both you and your clients. Virtual office space is a great way to beginning your ministry counseling practice as well allow those entering the season of retirement the ability to minister part time as their schedule allows.

    Join the Ministry Streams family today and allow us to customize a package that allows you to continue in the profession without the profession eating up your income. Do not let the cost to minister eliminate your gifts.

    Unique services

    "LIVE" Multi-Camera Conferencing Enjoy a professional look you have been waiting for - stream your conferences on your own ministry's webpage (no adds or banners).
    "LIVE" Interactive Streaming With Overlays Ministry Streams offers ministries the ability to train and share leaders from anywhere high speed internet is available.

    General Services

    • Secure Web Based Conferencing
    • Capture or stream special events, conference, classrooms, or special events, etc.
    • Stream special occasions, i.e. ordination, etc.
    • "Live Chat"
    • Webpage Development
    • Web Hosting
    • Viewer registration
    • Viewer registration Fee Collection
    • Email Client Base
    • Streaming & Viewer accounts available

    Custom Services

    • Custom Packages
    • Multi-Camera Conferencing
    • Video Archives
    • Text Chat (Real Time)
    • Secure Virtual Classrooms
    • Secure networking Conferencing

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