Frequently asked questions

Q. What do I need to begin streaming from our ministry site?

A. You will need a capture device, i.e. camera or cam and a computer (Pentium 4 or newer).

Q. What are the options to broadcast on Ministry streams?

A. There are several ways you can broadcast on Ministry Streams: The easiest way to broadcast is to use the Ministry Streams embedded player.

Q. Is my camera compatible with Ministry Streams?

A. Most webcams are compatible.

Q. How do I get better quality?

A. To broadcast in higher quality, you may request Tech Support and we can change your settings (a minimum of a $75.00 charge) or you may use Adobe's Flash Media Live Encoder (free).

Q. How do I broadcast my desktop?

A. To broadcast your desktop, you will need a third party software such as CamTwist (Mac) or WebCamMax (PC).

Q. My broadcast keeps disconnecting, what do I do?

A. Your connection may be the issue. Loss of connection may be due to an overload of internet traffic, slow connections, or outages. We recommend using a wired ethernet connection and ensure your broadcast rate matches your connection rate. You may want to lower the bitrate below 500kbps to ensure viewers on mobile devices can keep up.

Q What is the bandwidth and speed to broadcast?

A. Speed depends on your internet connection and will vary with different types of connection (DSL, Cable, Fiber, etc) and the traffic at the time of Broadcast. You want to limit your Broadcast to no greater than 75% (or less) of your connection speed.

Q. Do I need high speed internet to stream?

A. Yes, you will need a internet speed of at least one half megabit or better upload for streaming and a minimum of one half megabit download speed for viewer accounts.

Q. My computer is five years old. Can I use this computer to stream or view streams on the Ministry Streams platform?

A. If your computer is equipped with a Pentium 4 or newer, yes, you will be able stream or view on the MS platform.

Q. How does the billing work?

A. Billing is on a monthly bases. Invoices are generated on the first of the month and must be paid by the 15th. Each streaming account pays in advance for the next month's usage. If payment has not been received by the 15th of the billing cycle, access will be denied after the last day of the last billing cycle payment was received. Any outstanding overage amounts must be paid at the time of billing.

Q. If I need help setting up an event, is there a support tech available?

A. Yes, a support Tech will be available at $75.00/hour (a one hour minimum fee will be charged regardless of the time or difficulty).

Q. If I choose to cancel my plan, is there a cancellation fee?

A. You may cancel your plan at any time with no penalty although; if you have gone over your plan allowance (GB's or Hours) you will be responsible for the overage amount(s). All overage amounts are due by the 15th after invoices have gone out.

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